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Traditional designing and sculpting

Modern workflow with 3D modeling

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Stone works

The same utility of the stone, the ability to mold it to create a useful object for a particular purpose, is known and has been handed down since prehistoric times. The craft of stonemason has been handed down for thousands of years, and the utility has joined the beauty, awareness of proportion, the study of the form, the search technique.

Lettomanoppello's clock

Clock created after a long stylistic research, with the use of the latest 3D technologies. The passage of time, the infinite union between the ancient and the modern.

Creation of Adam

Celebere sculpture inspired by the paintings of Michelangelo, in white and base in black stone. A built-in base embeds the LED light. Private collection.

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Trumpet in Eb with bore copper and stone bell. Private collection.

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Fountain with dolphin

White stone fountain, a finely embroidered tub supported by a dolphin wrapped in a wave.



Copy of the Warrior of Capestrano. Height 25cm. Private collection.


Mayan statue based on a design made by a pre-colombian art expert. Private collection.

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Rotte River

Dimensions 70x50 - acrylic on panel. Private collection.

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Bread and birds

Dimensions 50x50 - acrylic on panel. Private collection.

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